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Eight months have passed since Our Home Planet got stuck in Hiatus World, but those days are finally at an end. Besides, what happens in Hiatus World stays in Hiatus World.

I have to say that I'm really happy to see the excitement over OHP's return. I wasn't exactly sure what the reaction was gonna be, but it's been quite positive so far! I'll do my best to make it worth your while.

Haven't been up to a whole lot outside of work... though, a good portion of my video gaming has been occupied with God Hand, which is, in a word, jawsome. Not for everybody, but the diehard fighting anime fan who's not afraid of a (steep) challenge is in for a treat. Clover had a knack for making games that are ridiculously difficult to put down, and this one has been no exception. Plus, all of the ladies have Jiggle Factor 11, which never gets old if you like your ladies jiggly. I know I do.

I'll keep this one pretty brief. To readers new and old, thanks for visiting! I hope you enjoy this chapter.


Yayness!! :D

Holy hell.
I just remembered this place after seeing the Hiatus so long ago, and I come to see that OHP has come back!
I'm excited. You have no idea, mister.

Lawl @ Jigglies.

"What happens in Bizarro World STAYS in Bizarro World >:( " - Captain hero's pearls of wisdom no. 16

this is quite possibly the greatest christmas gift I've ever got

Welcome back GD, looking forward to reading Our Home Planet again.

~WhiteMage of PKF


welcome back. :) it'll be good to add OHP to the list of comics i read every day again

OH Lordy. Has it really been 8 months? Such a long, long time... But none of that matters now! OHP IS BACK!! THANK YOU!


Positive reaction my butt! Your 8 months of whacking off means you are at least 38 episodes behind. I know we don't pay you one stinking cent, but damn it! You owe us!



Hell yeah! I have to admit, I've been waiting for this to come back.

Welcome back! :D

If you like Clover games you should really try Okami. That game rocks, hands down.

Oh my! GD is back, what a treat, just in time for christmas.

Also: PLEASE MOAR WALTER SOBCHAK. If you can integrate "at least it's an ethos" into a comic, I would be most amused.

yumm yumm clean sweet comic. tee hee jiggly. what a lovely expression!

Thank you, GD. I had missed you...

Haha, Julian flipping them off was hilarious, but I was wondering why he didn't have shoes on til I looked back in the archives and saw the last time he was shown as such was more than a year ago. Did you or do you go back though the archives often, GD?

Glad to have you back to posting.
*insert happy goofy smile here*

:-) The will to life is strong today, indeed.

Oh, right, yeah. Hooray. Whatever. Gotta go.

YAY! my life is back! now i have something to do online! thank you for the great comic

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