They Were Just Gettin' Ready to Swing, Knocked Me Out With a Baseball Bat.


Out of nowhere, Episode 287 appears! Utilizing a secret technique handed down through generations of harmonic artists as a powerful hand-based emetic, Pepito and Zukie effectively ruin the appetites of everyone in the room. Nothing a quick shower wouldn't fix, though... right?

While OHP was asleep, gift art happened! Rin drew this very sexy Rika, which is not worksafe, but certainly is awesome. Thanks again, lady!

And thank you, reader, for checking back in! Hopefully there'll be another new page soon, barring any more graphics card meltdowns. Until then, stay salty.


Yes! Neckbrace.

projectile vomit


Nice, thanks for the update man

I'd imagine extreme omnivores would, as a necessity, have either extremely strong stomach acids or extremely durable digestive tracts. And a loud, continuous chemical hissing sound usually isn't a good sign, either.

All I'm saying is, at this point it might be more merciful to just shoot him. Or stomp on his skull. Whatever guarantees the immediate cessation of his ability to feel pain.

I still don't like his forehead.

Yay, the wait was worth it.

Thank god! Thank you GD for updating. I knew you would get there in the end. Outstanding work.

ya get that thing i sent ya?

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