You Can't Run From the Law, Little Baby.


Happy holidays, everyone! It's the season for giving and all that, so here's a splash for the occasion. Even villains like getting gifts from time to time... as long as it's the right gift. Certain things just don't make for very good presents: socks, fruitcake, ornamental candles, and of course, eyepatches. Nothing says "Happy Holidays!" like a constant reminder that someone you hate smashed your eyeball. Bad empath!

In an unusual development, I actually made a new oekaki. OHP-themed, even! But it's naughty, so don't look at it if you're at work. Unless you happen to work somewhere porn is okay. Then, by all means!

I'm gonna try to have the next ep. up by the end of the coming weekend, since I've got a few days off. See you next year!



You changed the "New Toy" Oekaki! I like the new one too but why did it get changed? I am going to see if any others have changed.

Back up again. Finally! I feel weird without voting for OHP everyday.

The Buzzcomic vote thing says you've been suspended or something. Won't let me vote.

Coulda been worse, coulda been a smiley face.

Hey, at least it's shiny. Their expressions are adorable.

And this from the mind-reader? Shame, Anya.


Hehe, the one gift no body wanted...a new eye patch, loved the expresions on their faces.

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