This Chamber Will Be Bathed in Deadly Particles That Have Yet to Be Named by Human Science.


Oh dear, it's Episode 258! I don't have much to say this week, but thanks for being patient! Silly shit, inbound.

By the way, have you seen this freakin' sweet business? I do believe this is officially the first time OHP has broken the Top Ten! Let's not split hairs over the fact that everyone else probably has broken toplist links this month, this is for real. We're on top of the world, baby! Keep rockin' the vote!


the hint of yellow on that Bic lighter that officer friendly has is what makes the last two panels for me.

I don't get the last two panels. What the hell??

I ain't never not voted. YEARH!

He looks like he's trying to get them to ask him for some, just so he can arrest them. His face in the last panel is NOT OF THIS EARTH. D:


First name: 420

Did you notice OHP is the #1 Science Fiction comic on Buzzcomix?

I failed to incarcerate two ho's
because I got hiiigh
They took my gun and clothes
because I got hiiigh
Now I got discharged and I know why
(Why man?)
Because I got high
Because I got high
Because I got hiiiiigh

Gimme a puff of that wonderful stuff!

Oh boy, this whole comment thread is full of potheads.

Toke 'till you choke, boy
Toke 'till you choke, boy
Toke 'till you choke, boy
Toke toke t-t-t-t-toke 'till you choke, boy

Drugzr good rokay?

Drugs are baaaaaaaaad. Mmkay?

Next on OHP: Officers Gone Wild!

Oh man. Those last two panels are gold.


Just, hilariously awesome.
That face, it's just too much funny for one comic.

Hahaha! The last two panels caused me to actually crack up. I love his expression as he's about to light it up.

Freakin awesome job on the top 10, GD!

No wonder he's so friendly :D He could teach a few things to the cops in my old neighborhood.

Wahaha! I love it!
His expression in the final panels is GREAT! :D

Now that's my kinda cop! This is the best comic ever better than cat & Girl better than scary go round even better than Achewood!


God damn This comic just gets better and better and better.

"You will be destroyed in every way possible to be destroyed and even a few that are essentially impossible." ...Mangled that didn't I.

Hey, first time commenting, not that you care. Really though, our home planet = great.

You know, it's freaky; I was just thinking about playing the Half-Life series again. And congrats on the top ten! ohp got it because it deserves it, not because people couldn't vote! *hides scissors*

I am 94.65% positive that last panel counts as Premium Nightmare Fuel.

Officer Friendly indeed!

Officer Friendly sure does seem to want to show off his interest in smoking weed on his breaks.
Man, makes me wonder just how serious Friendly is about his job.

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