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And so, after the longest yard of the home stretch, the latest chapter of OHP comes to a close. Good lord, a hundred and ninety-three pages! This here comic is getting thick. Looking back on it now, it's really something to see the marked progression in drawing style and character personalities. It's been four years, now! I guess that's bound to happen.

Normally when we reach the end of a chapter, I take a break for two weeks. However, since I've finally landed a job (hooray!), I'm going to be putting the comic on hiatus for the time being... at least until I adjust to my new schedule. It's good timing, really, since I start this Monday. I'm not exactly sure yet when OHP will be resuming, but the break will give me time to catch up on a bunch of things, such as finishing the tarot project, and redesigning the site. It may end up being a surprise when it starts up again, but I'll make note near the top when it's nearing GO TIME.

A cute gift came in last week! Itamiko presents us with an adorable scene featuring OHP's alien cast enjoying a day at the beach. Pepito is, of course, acrobatic enough to take on both Julian and Ruby at volleyball. Thanks again!

I've restarted my FurAffinity account, since it looks like they've finally laid all those nasty server problems to rest. Thank goodness! I've been jonesing for some community gallery action lately, so it couldn't have happened at a better time.

If you're looking for something neat to read a couple times a week, check out A Dog's Life. It's a collection of really simple vignettes that always seem to hit all the right chords. Good stuff!

As usual, I'll be floating around in forum limbo if you'd like to pop in. Should any fan art come in during the hiatus, I will most definitely update accordingly!

Anyway, that's enough jibber jabber. Thanks for reading!


im beginning to have withdrawal symtoms!

hermastum! Which is halo.

HUrry back, still miss the comic

Soon. Your patience will be rewarded.

you take far too long to update... on top of that, ive like.. managed to read your ecomic many times over. UPDATE!!!!!!!!!

Waiting for the new comic, whenever it will come. I bet the new chapter will be great though!

-Anxiously awaiting-

Thanks for the encouragement, all! I'm finally back on the internet after like, two months off. Crazy!

A preview of a couple panels from the next OHP page has been posted to my LiveJournal. Check it!

i miss this comic! come back soon!

Ok so who gets to tell liz about this site? I'm thinking is was a mistake~~~lol! I need to keep the fan Service coming thou i got a great one of pepito

A tiny bit of comic ?
A slight update, previeuw, teaser ....
pls ?

dang hurry up and make more >.

I thought things were going way too well for Julian. He better be as good as he thinks he is.
I guess I'll repeat the "Good luck with the job" comments. Take your time getting caught up.

I have a question for you if you decide on making any new characters for your future chapters I have one you should see so email me if your interested. Good-luck on your new job.

Year, thats one bad ass prince!
I hope for a stunning action sequence..!

Twenty to one! Time for lunch!

And "Cor!!" just happens to be the title of a 1970s British comic...

Best of luck in your job. Mmmm... jo-o-o-o-b!

aww... many a sniffle.
BUT good luck with your new job! I hope all goes well for you!
lots of good luck kisses

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