Soft Machine.

WORD. You'll have to excuse me about last week. I kinda suck at scheduling things. So anyway, I draw this comic that you might have heard of. Whip'd!

Okay! Have a look at this week's gift art! It's good stuff (some naughty bits, though!). The thanks go out to Kyoga, Doodle-kun, RSJ, and Somniac! I love you guys. And hey, I just went back through and added some more links. If you've contributed art and don't have a link next to your name, tell me (and give me the link too, make it easy for me)!

Thanks for voting, as usual! Keep up the good work, gang.

Working on a comic compilation to explain OHP's history a little. Anyone remember Dimensional Nomad or Nomad Hearts? Old school!

Okay, later.

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