90% of My Mind is With You.

Boy, am I ever in a slump. Like, painfully. But, I'm back on the fast computer again. So that'll hopefully change real quick-style. HEY! I drew a comic. There it is! I'm trying to catch up, I really am. Until I say otherwise, OHP is on a kind of sporadic update schedule. AAAAAAAAAH!

Okay, enough rambling. There's some great gifts this week, some of which I got while I was on break and didn't get a chance to upload (sorry about that). We've got a swell Julian by Kalyandra, a quite sexy (and quite naked) Ruby by Gabo, and a most enigmatically colored Rika by Lindsey! Thanks a bunch, guys!

By the way, if you're interested in further ramblings, you can check out my journal. I don't update it frequently, but you might occasionally find a nugget of wisdom in there.

That's all for now! CIAO BABY.

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