La Gazza Ladra.

Well, I'm on time this week. Let's all celebrate with Episode 94. Cheers! As you can see, things are not exactly working out very well for our fair Pepito. Karma's a bitch!

According to the polls, your preference for Pepito's wardrobe is of the Emperor's New Clothes variety. Tsk tsk! What would your mother say? Runner up was the Earth garb, so I'm gonna assume that the hat is a popular fashion accessory. New poll coming soon!

Nothing else terribly new going on around here. I would say that the BCx ad campaign was a major success, since OHP has been getting all sorts of crazy traffic and exposure. I'll have to do that again some time soon!

On a final note, it's my birthday tomorrow. If it's anything like last year's, it'll be mostly a blur. Thank goodness!

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