Herbs, Good Hygiene, and Socks.

Have this here comic! If you're wondering why Pepito looks so distressed, remember that Ruby weighs about 500 pounds thanks to all that machinery. That's one heavy butt!

So like, now I'm on winter break for a month. Hopefully that will give me enough free time to get the jump on the next few weeks of comics.

I switched the news posting system here over to MoveableType, because the system I was using (read: doing it all by hand in HTML) was getting annoying, and the news archives page was getting unwieldy. I'm sort of learning as I go along, which is the way I do almost everything. You can now subscribe to the OHP RSS feed, if that's your thing! However, since I don't hard-code any of the links to local things on my site, the clicking of links may not work very well if you read the site externally. I'm going to try and integrate it better with the comic pages in the near future. This is going to make updating so much easier, though.

I guess there's no more news! For those of you voting, thank you! OHP has been cruising right up the list thanks to your support!

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