I Might Just Get Up and Dance.

Not only is this week's comic on time, it's like 3 hours early! DANG. Bonus points, or something. The reason: I leave for Vegas tomorrow morning, and I'm busy packing/cleaning/doing everything in preparation. Hopefully I won't squander all of my dough in Sin City. I found out that apparently the Las Vegas Comic Con coincides with my visit, so I might have to head on over there and annoy a few people. You lucky dogs!

Let's see, what else... I never really have much to say in these news posts unless new art gets added. I think I've covered all of the latest movies, games, and software updates that I've recently engaged.

Been listening to the Guilty Gear XX #Reload soundtrack a bunch. I think it's really cool, even though everyone else seems to hate it just because it's Korean. WHAT-EVAR. Good music is good music.

Oh, hey! It's a new month, so please, vote your hearts out! Thanks!

Okay, I guess that's enough! See you next week!

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