Alone in Kyoto.

ARGH, I am in such a slump. I am having the hardest time drawing lately. Rather than just skipping the week entirely, there's a (very) late one-panel. I will be updating again this week with a full comic, hopefully on time... though we'll see what happens with the holiday.

There are two new oekaki. They're the product of trying to motivate myself to get going again; it sort of worked! At least I'm drawing again, anyway. I guess that counts.

There's a bit of gift art! Check it out! Big thanks to S! Such cute D'bos.

Page 16 of Like Magic (not safe for work) is done. For those of you who don't know, it's an adult comic over at Slipshine. It's a subscription site, but there's a lots of sexy comics over there. I think you'll like what we've got to offer.

The car is finally back and in one piece... FOR NOW. One less thing to worry about. And with that, I leave you! See you on Friday.

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