A Cherry Pie That'll Kill Ya.

And so, something completely unexpected has happpened! Oh no! Will this dash Pepito's plans of an afternoon delight? Or just... sort of push them in another direction?

Sorry that the update was late again. But wouldn't you know: No sooner do I get my car's insides all fixed up than I get rear-ended, of all things. By some jack-ass in a Shelby Cobra, because he was reading while he was driving. The damage is pretty minimal (just a busted tail-light and some bumper damage), and he's paying for all of it, but it's such a hassle dealing with the insurance company, the DMV, and the body shop. I take quite a bit of satisfaction knowing that the guy totally cracked up the front of his car, though. I guess it was fiberglass? I don't really know my car stuff.

Okay, that's the end!

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