Please Love Me... Once More.

Episode One-One-Four! Our wolf in sheep's clothing proves to be a little quicker on her feet (or rear, since she's sitting down) than the D'bo sisters anticipated! If you're scratching your skull over what exactly happened, you may want to do some catching up!

Gifts! There are two terrific gifts this week, both featuring the sweeter of the two sisters! The first is from Satbast and the second is from Van Douchebag (who so far is totally not living up to that name, what a nice guy!). Warning, they're a little too sexy for work! Thanks so much, guys!

Speaking of Mr. VD, he's got a real snazzy comic up and running called White Hydra that you should really be reading. You may notice that the list of links to the right has recently been updated, as well! All four additions are totally rad. Have a look!

This chapter's almost over! Oh, the excitement.

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