I Got The Whole Damn Nation on Her Knees.

Episode Number Ninety-Nine! Dang, man. That means that the next one is th' Big Hundred. That seems like a whole hell of a lot. And, it also means that people won't be looking for the comic pages that aren't actually there anymore! Seriously, people, the fact that I'm never on time should be a good hint that I don't have future pages stashed away on the site.

This week, there are two totally awesome new gifts! The first is an absolutely adorable pic of Pepito (and Rika) by the talented Ms. Patches. The second is a sexy little number of Ruby by Kabuki Katze. Thank you so much! My heart's aflutter!

Heyo, it's a new month! If you could vote up OHP, that would be supremely awesome. See you all next week!

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