There is a lot of false information floating around as to who GD really is. Some say he's a johnny-come-lately to the comic scene, eager to get his foot in the door and make a name for himself. Others believe he's a government conspirator, brainwashing the masses with secret messages hidden in brightly-colored pornography. While these are valid assumptions, they are wrong.

GD is actually a cyborg ninja from the year 3017, sent back in time to warn the people living in the year 2002 that the end of the physical universe as they know it is approaching, to be replaced with a cheap, foreign-made facsimile produced through years of secret child labor. Unfortunately for humanity, the solution to this impending disaster was lost in a memory failure during his travel through 1015 years of mediocrity.

Unlike other cyborg ninjas, which can operate for several hundred years without recharging (thanks to the advent of nuclear batteries), GD requires constant audio-visual sensory input in order to remain conscious. Whether this was a manufacturing error or some sort of perverse practical joke concocted by bored assembly-workers remains up in the air. GD discovered that by constantly drawing "comics" and listening to "music", he could effectively counteract his tragic disability. In what is described as a triumph in the field of artificial intelligence, GD has developed a fascination with the mammary glands of the human female body, and is well on his way to becoming the first cyborg ninja to receive a Nobel Prize for his breakthroughs in the philosophy of human sexuality.

Figure 1-A shows GD in combat mode. Do not engage GD while he is in this state, as the consequences could prove fatal. His visual sensors are based on movement.

Common Questions (that actually get asked)...

Q: What do you use to make OHP?
A: I use Photoshop and a large-format Wacom Intuos 3. No more, no less. I've noticed that lots of folks assume that I use some sort of vector program like Illustrator or Flash to make the comic. This is incorrect. Both the old, pixel-heavy strips and new, anti-aliased strips are completely hand-drawn. The only difference is that the newer strips are drawn at print resolution (300 dpi), then resized. The current font is Comicraft's Comicrazy.

Q: What species are the characters?
A: Human.

Q: Where's the porn? I thought you drew porn. Please draw more porn.
A: It's in the oekaki section. When I have time, there will be more.

Q: When is so-and-so going to have sex with whosit? I'm tired of waiting.
A: There are better places on the internet to find porn. Try the oekaki section if you're really jonesing for some dirty pictures.

Q: Why aren't there any four-letter words or scenes with full nudity? Seriously, I saw the porn.
A: Swearing is easy. My challenge to myself is to find a funnier way to drop the proverbial F-bomb. Besides, you know what the goods look like.

Q: Then why is there so much risque content?
A: This is not an all-ages webcomic. OHP is written with an adult in mind, though obviously anyone is welcome to enjoy it. My views on sex and violence are quite liberal: in fact, I love them. I hope you do, too. You may see the occasional exposed backside or mammaries in various kinetic states, since these are relevant to my interests. I don't believe any topic should be taboo, which you'll likely find reflected in the comic. You're welcome to love it or hate it.

Q: What's the proper way to write "Our Home Planet" or "GD"?
A: The title of the comic is "Our Home Planet". I sign in both cases.

Q: What does "GD" stand for, anyway?
A: That's a secret. Allow me a little mystery.

Q: What ever happened to Like Magic?
A: For those unaware, I also have a second webcomic of the adult variety, called Like Magic. It ran at Slipshine for a while, and saw sixteen updates before going on indefinite hiatus. It hasn't been available for a while due to my inactivity on the project, however. Like Magic is the story of two young sorcerers, Deidre and Roman, who are on the losing side of a world war between the humans and the caudates. Caudates are tailed humans with the unusual ability to wield magic, something that terrifies the tailless folk. Being an adult comic, there's plenty of silly sex situations and whatnot. I really enjoy working on LM and I'm planning on returning to it at some point, but maintaining two comics at once with a full-time job is pretty much impossible (for me, anyway).

Q: Is there any merchandise? Any way to donate?
A: Nope. T-shirts are always on my mind, but I've yet to come up with a design with which I'm 100% satisfied. Also, CafePress blows, and everything else is expensive. Maybe some day, though. As for donations, I'm not currently accepting them. Back when I did, they were never expected and always greatly appreciated, but these days it strikes me as a little disingenuous to beg for money when a) I don't update very consistently anymore, and b) there's never been much of an incentive, aside from maybe a warm and fuzzy feeling in the pit of your stomach. Maybe if I find a way to make it worth your while.

Q: Can you link to my page/comic/review? I've already linked to you!
A: Generally if there's some OHP-related news, whether it be a review, a piece of fan-art, a cameo, or what-have-you, I'll make a news post about it. As for linking to other comics, to put it simply, no. I'm very flattered that you like my work enough to link to it, but link trading is kind of incestuous. The pages I link to are things that I read or visit regularly. It's not charity, these are things that I enjoy and genuinely think that you, the discerning viewer, would probably also enjoy (if you don't already).

Q: Where is OHP hosted?
A: OHP is hosted with DreamHost, whose servers are fast and customer service is pretty good. If you decide to sign up with them, I'd appreciate it if you could list me as your referral, since it'll bring my server costs down slightly (but every little bit counts!). Thanks!

Q: Do some of the comic pages look different now than they did a while ago?
A: Your eyes are not deceiving you. Quite often, I'll go back over my work and clean up or completely change things to my liking. If I rushed a panel one week, I may redraw it next week. I generally don't note these changes, for a few reasons: a) the changes are always cosmetic, meaning that they won't alter the story; b) it makes my news posts longer, and I don't like making long news posts; and c) they happen so often that I'd probably be making news posts every single day, no joke.

Q: Where's this week's comic?
A: Ahhh, everyone's favorite question. Sometimes I get too busy for a timely update. Sometimes the update is so large or complex that there wasn't enough time in the week to do it. Sometimes I'm just too tired. Whatever the reason, you can rest assured that I haven't forgotten. I know it's not up. Usually, I'll have it up a day or two later, so keep checking back. When I'm running late, you can usually check on my progress near the top of the main page. OHP is a labor of love: I don't make a profit from it, I do it because I like doing it. So please, don't send me nasty messages about how I'm inconveniencing your comic-reading schedule by posting at my leisure.

Q: I found a spelling error, grammar error, or noticed something that looks weird. Is it alright if I tell you?
A: Please do. Most parts of this site, comic included, are created while I'm half asleep, so it's entirely possible that the words leaving my fingertips are completely incoherent. I understand that some comic artists get uppity about having mistakes in their work pointed out, but rest assured, these people are assholes. Actually, I'm an asshole, too, but I really do appreciate it when people help me retain some semblance of literacy.

Q: Would you mind if I did some fan-art of your characters, or if they appeared as a cameo in something I'm doing?
A: Would I mind? I'd be thrilled! All I ask is that you, y'know, show me. Because I wanna see. I love fan-art, it'd totally make my day!

Q: I'm still wondering about...
A: E-mail me.