Art That Isn't Necessarily OHP-Related

Guess what! Sometimes I draw things that aren't OHP or oekaki. It's hard to believe, I know. But HEY, now you can see them for yourself! They're in chronological order, newest ones first. This collection includes some Photoshop and some natural media works. Some of this stuff is ancient.

= SEXY material

Communion - A demonic collab with an awesome lady. Flat version here!

Rabbix - A rab-collab with an awesome lady. Here's the flat version!

Rin Butt - Drawn using SAI while on holiday.

Ruby Wallpaper - Ruby does not believe in shirts.

Queen Wallpaper (vector version) - Queen is proud of her tongue. Vectorized by Gen!

Anya Wallpaper (vector version) - Anya keeps plenty of sharp tools handy. Vectorized by Gen!

The Eel Hunters - Guess my political leanings. 20 x 24 in. poster.

Girly Guest Strip - Comic that ran over at Girly on September 21, 2005.

Rotraucher (transparent) - Color theory project.

Delicious - Ad than ran on the Girly site for the week of August 22nd, 2004.

Kachina - Oil painting. 40 x 44 in.

Blue Self with Windowpane - Oil painting. 24 x 48 in.

Midas (Unfinished) - Oil painting. Undergoing extensive repainting after being defaced. 48 x 24 in.

Steam Power - Ad that ran at BCx for the week of November 30th, 2003.

Revolution - I'm such a communist.

The Golden Dragon - My job in my spare time is crime-fighting.

Flying Monkey - A logo I did for SFK. I don't know if it was ever used, though!

Nicole - A picture for the piece's namesake.

Wenprov Submission 2 - Second entry for the impromanga; not sequential!

Wenprov Submission 1 - Entry for the impromanga.

Polly & The Pumpkin - Graphic for the October 2001 SPC fan calendar. Makes a swell desktop picture!

Nekkid Rika - First naked CG I ever did!

Sleeping Elly - Gift art for the Ex-Meister.

Pixie - I'm normally not the pixie-drawing type.

Wendy & Friends - Wendy fan-art with a playing card theme.